Our Values

Inclusivity – We achieve our greatest influence by sharing without judgement. Our beneficiaries are defined only by need, or a passion to share what they have and what they know. We can best change this world by being inclusive; working inside the problem to avoid alienation from those most in need.

Empowerment – We help individuals into self-support, using our facilities and network to build confidence and opportunity.  Helping those with a passion for change realise their social impact ambitions through independent Social Enterprise.

Social Equality – We believe that all people are equal and deserve the same opportunities in life.  That enough is enough and that we should share what we have, give what is excess.

Passion – This is the most important ingredient for those wishing to make a difference; often misunderstood as interest or a long day at the office! Our mission is to support passion, helping those gifted and dedicated to social impact with our resources.

Self-sustainability – It is very important to us to invest in tomorrow.  We are not a frontline, hole-patching charity, although we are respectful and grateful to those that are.  We support ‘help-yourself’ solutions and projects that can become self-sustainable.

Community – Working together we can change the world.  Sharing resources is key to sustainable social impact. We promote the benefits of community through social cafes, co-housing, co-operative buying, resource sharing, social action and a fair economy – actively engaging with those in the communities around us who want to become part of our KindaMovement.

Why Kindness is our core value

As children, we’re raised to be kind by our support network of parents, carers and teachers – we’re taught to believe in kindness and to show it to others.  So why is it that, as we grow up, kindness becomes something which we forget in favour of our own life priorities?  Maybe we forget to say thank you when someone holds open a door for us, or perhaps we were in too much of a rush to smile back at the cashier who helped us pack our shopping bags.  Kindness is such an intrinsic part of a happily functioning society, it makes people feel valued and appreciated and yet frequently it seems to be missing from our emotional vocabulary.

This is where the Missing Kind was born – in a world that had kindness at its heart, but just needed a little nudge to put it back at the forefront.  To remember that sometimes the simplest acts can be the warmest, the most remembered, the kindest.

“Kindness, a corny little word, a word not in the vocabulary of many cultures. For those living as a community it’s a way of life. The Western lifestyle is such that ‘kindness’ increasingly requires recognition, often triggering spontaneous, superficial actions.

In my experience, often people become too materialistic and end up having bills to pay, so they forget that kindness is intrinsic.  They don’t have time for it anymore.  I came from a background where I had nothing, but people were kind and I think I represent a lot of young people leaving home and losing the community kindness.  We want to bring that kindness back to the world and support those who are spreading kindness.

There is an incoming tide of change, that ‘Missing Kind’ is coming home!”

– Hugh Callacher (Founder Trustee of the Missing Kind)

In 2010 David R Hamilton PHD wrote the book ‘Why Kindness is Good for You’, scientifically proving that not only does kindness have a positive effect on others, but it has a positive effect on our health too.  Check out his TED talk here.  Did you know, for instance, that kindness can actually make a damaged heart heal faster?  And were you aware that kindness has actually been shown to help the fight against depression?  Kindness gives you a natural high, often referred to as a ‘Helper’s High’ and can even slow the ageing process!  Does imagining us all living in a world where we are happier, healthier and look younger seem too good to be true?  It’s not.  One simple act of kindness today could start you off on the journey to a happier life.  What are you waiting for…?

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