Our Strategic Goals

The Missing Kind exists to inspire kindness, serving those with a passion for social justice and delivering to those in need through sustainable social enterprise.

In 2019, we set our 3 year strategy to achieve our charitable objectives through these 5 strategic goals:-

  1. To establish a global network of ‘profit for purpose’ social enterprises, delivering social impact in their local communities
  2. To actively support and promote our ethos of ‘kindness without boundary’ through our network venues and our KindaMovement programme
  3. To actively live our core values of: Kindness, Inclusivity, Empowerment, Social Equality, Passion, Self-sustainability and Community, across our network and projects
  4. To support passionate people to deliver their own social objectives, through our network venue facilities, ‘Kinda’ projects and Kindness Missions programme
  5. To become a well-known and respected network for our ethics through practice and promotion of social justice, fair treatment of animals and protection of the planet

Whilst we are well underway with achieving these goals, and have detailed plans in place, we constantly strive to improve ourselves and increase and diversify what we deliver. We are passionate about helping those with a passion – kind people who have ideas for how to build sustainable enterprises to effect their own social or environmental objectives. Our model is set up to evolve according to funding and the passionate people who join us on our journey; helping them fulfill their own particular social or environmental aims through our network of venues and resources.


The Missing Kind is a registered charity (Registration Number: 1156133) and a registered company in England and Wales (Registration Number: 08811281).

Registered office address: KindaPlace @ Preston Sands Hotel, 10-12, Marine Parade, Paignton, TQ3 2NU

Phone: 01803 558718

Email:  hugh@themissingkind.org

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