Kinda was perceived as a branding we would use to represent both Kindness AND LOVE in our creative approach to embracing fringe social enterprise. Offering many opportunities for potential sponsors to mentor one of these youth-driven initiatives

Kindakafe, A social impact centre and enterprise hub for local communities

KindaPlace hotel in Paignton for a community centre

KindaEducation, for forest schools

KindaCuisine, for a healthy delivery service during times of travel restrictions

KindaConvoy, for a perpetual tour of kindness

KindaHealth, based on natural medicines and holistic remedies

KindaSound, the alternative radio station for kind word and music

KindaCommunity for building a network of self-supporting communities

KindaSport, making sport competitively kind not divisive

KindaFest, a circuit of uplifting and educational festivals

KindaUni, Accredited qualifications for youth Community Builders

KindaJob, a mentoring and job share scheme

KindaBank, a mix of fiat, exchange and gifting. A resource economy

KindaTown, making your town the award winning Kindest Town in the country