KindaMovement Projects

We are delivering and sponsoring a number of projects, either through our venues or through outreach in the community. These are some of our own initiatives or the ideas of passionate, caring individuals who have come to us looking for kickstart support for their own social mission. We have loads of project ideas that need a leader and you can find details of these on our Kickstart Funding page.

Recent sponsored projects include:

kinda listening

im all ears

Recognising that to be heard is a powerful healing tool, we’ve sponsored Linda Allen’s KindaListening project, which is training people in deep-listening and empowering conversation to enhance wellbeing for themselves and each other and to support their community.


Maya Angelou Quote

We’re sponsoring Katie Mottram and her team of volunteers to collect peer stories of hope and transformation related to specific themes of mental distress and publish them in a series of pocket books; providing validation and hope to people reading them who are going through similar struggles that they too can not only recover, but transform their life to one they are Kinda Proud of!

Emerging Kind

Support Source

Joining Hands

The Emerging Kind project, which evolved into a broader themed Community Sharing Circles project, is a training programme we have sponsored, which includes KindaListening as its foundation, enabling people who have been through mental distress to become trained peer group facilitators in order to offer ‘safe space’ sharing support circles for people still struggling. Community Sharing Circles have now been set up around the UK, with more on the way

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