Well we are still here after more than two decades, we started our mission to serve the UK social sector more intensely firstly with the charity ‘Generation Journey’, founded and operated by Hugh and Margaret who remain active today in the succeeding charity ‘The Missing Kind’, self-funded from associated commercial interests. Albeit with overseas initiatives and economic shifts those funds have now become less abundant and campaigns to attract sponsorship partners to expand our work start in 2024

Initially, the vision was for the connection of the neglected young and old, giving both purpose and dignity, connecting through music, storytelling and knowledge transfer. In a hurry to make a difference, our initial adventures took us on tour around the UK in a classic Dutch sailing barge and latterly our efforts spread in 2007 to a South Africam Orphanage and then the Burmese borders supporting the Mon and Karan people with eco-village construction and community building projects.

Seeking purpose in deprived areas took its toll both financially and physically, after building an eco village on the Thai borders and developing an orphanage in South Africa, the reality of corruption sank in. Accepting what many had said ‘Charity begins at home’, much safer in a less impoverished country.

After a recovery period the charity goals were changed whilst retaining the inter-generational objective of the charity the focus became for UK based on supporting individuals and social enterprise development. Putting Kindness back into society became the ethos, renaming the charity in 2014 ‘The Missing Kind’. The focus to create a self-sustaining charity with the acquisition of free hold property and building of a KindaNetwork , an ambitous vision for establishing and linking communities to support each other

Then came along covid and a refocus on the best place to secure a safe sustainable network, taking the founder back to South Africa, with it the passion to develop a KindaCommunity network based on humanitarian root values. now there begins a story of note to follow once the final chapter is written