The Missing Kind charity is founded and bonded into service by our principle belief that humanity needs unity through community and a vision of a global network of communities supporting each other into sustainability for the planet.

We have a guided vision to help develop and connect a global network of communities, a mix of those aligned to share. Those awake to realise the power of unconditional giving, naturally leading a shift away from an egocentric and increasingly selfish society into one of kindness.

Quote from Founder: “Although i continuously falter I hold the vision and remind myself often of the 3 musketeers quote ‘ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE‘, and my own sign-off Enough is Enough!”

We are tasked with the challenge of restoring the fundamental values of our root communities, we figure the best place to start is where humanity is thought to have begun, in the indigenous peoples of the world, starting in Africa. A focus on unwinding the teachings of personal glorification and division into one of unity, sharing, and community. Take a look at some of our groundwork and operations thus far in South Africa;

With the groundwork done and the mistakes made in the last years 2021-23, we are well-equipped to manage the challenges of societal norms and the diversity of cultures. We realise our greatest investment has to be the future generations, selectively guided by the wisdom of the elders, accepting too this is not a one generation fix. Seeds are well sewn with a farm acquisition for development as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ for the training of young Community Builders and a completed exploratory 222 tour into the Xhosa and Zulu Homelands to establish the potential network.

So! The plan…There are many risks and challenges with this community networking mission, most of which we seem to have encountered with the 222 tour. A tour compounded by limited funds and the testing of volunteering goodwill. Exploring rural villages with limited resources, skills and no employment opportunity, firstly identifying the youth leadership team and then the local resoures for social enterprise development. Securing pledges for donated land was relatively easy based on our promises to build a self-sustaining community based on a combination of trading, exchange and a resource economy

Simi sharing his take on the KZN indaba trail
Our Permaculture trainer Matt in KZN
The KindaCommunity farm, the vision for which is an eco-living training centre for young ‘Community Builders’