Collaboration, Collaboration, Collaboration…!

Along with most charities and community organisations, we recognise that working together – building partnerships, communities, networks – delivers the positive changes we all wish to see in the world quicker and better.

We’re interested in partnering with organisations and individuals in many different ways:

Corporate Partners

We’d love to talk with businesses with Social Responsibility obligations, those who want to do something good with their excess profits and time, we have sustainable solutions through social enterprise initiatives and match funding opportunities to demonstrate our commitment to delivering.  We’ve got opportunities for business owners and employees to get involved in our venues and projects in many different ways: donate funds to sponsor a venue or project, give professional time to mentor start up enterprises, or provide our charity with pro bono services or goods. You could also chat with us about helping out with one of our projects on your staff volunteering days.

With the ESG climate expectations and with our partners in South Africa we can offer land regenerative guidance to help tick that box, our consultation is free, we are here to serve and help you find the best solutions for your shareholders and employees.  Solutions that will make your board and staff proud to be associated with your company.

Our radio platform is another initiative suited to international multi venue corporations to connect their networks with both their local charity achievements and personnel connectivity, through entertainment and information exchange

Contact Us with your ideas…we’d love to chat!

Charities, Social Enterprises

We have many initiatives on the go at any one time and are always interested in discussing partner opportunities with other organisations wishing to use our services, venues or Social Business expertise.  Take a look at the ethos and ambitions for  KindaMovement, if you are dedicated to service through business as a fundraising tool, and have a transparent track record then come join this movement, we are united in a common goal of kindness for all life on this planet.


If you have a kind heart and a passion for helping people, planet or animals, then we’re often on the look out for volunteers at our venues, both on the ground and remote home workers

Alternatively, if you’d like to start something yourself but would like some support, have a look through the supported Kindness Mission projects  to see if there are any that float your boat!

We’re passionate about supporting the passionate and, where funding allows, we support individuals with standalone projects of their own under our ‘Kindness Missions’ programme. If you think you have a viable start-up social enterprise idea or community project that does not appear on our Kickstart Funding project list, and you’d like us to consider offering some start up support, please get in touch