Our Finances

An Enough is Enough attitude by our main sponsor Visiongroup(GB) has enabléd us to receive and gift generously, giving the charity a stable base on which to continue our work without this ongoing support.

We believe that all charities should be transparent about the way donated money is spent and that any received from non related parties would be used totally for the projects intended, with all back office cost covered by our Founder or his Associates.

We are a volunteer-led charity, keeping our management and staff costs to a minimum to ensure donations go, as much as possible, towards delivering social impact through our venues and projects.

Our intention is to build a network of self-sustaining social enterprises that use their profits to support the charity’s costs and Kindness Missions funding, as well as each venue’s growth and localised social impact work.  Since setting up as a charity in late 2013, we have been dedicated to building a portfolio of property assets from which to base these social enterprises and their social impact activities. To enable this, we’ve relied heavily on large donations from our founder’s commercial business interests.

Our trustees volunteer their time to the charity unpaid and we rely on a fantastic team of volunteers to help us with our various charitable projects.  Expenses to trustees for travel are at minimum cost, often donated

We are very grateful to all who donate funds and time to further the work of our charity.

The annual report and accounts of the Missing Kind are available through this link to the Charity Commission website for public view, but any written financial queries relating to the charity’s funds and spending will be happily received.

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