Never too busy to be kind when enough is enough!

The Missing Kind charity was created to preserve and restore kindness in society, to inspire a kind society where the word kindness is redundant and a new way of life is based on many aspects of living well in the old way of life, hence its objectives are broad.  Although we are a UK charity we have no geographical limits to our objectives. The Charitable objectives are general to inspire and support kindness to humanity, the planet and animal well-being with a bias towards the mindset of the young and future generations

The charity supports individuals or small groups who have the will and acumen to create sustainable solutions and develop their charitable causes (excluding established corporations). The beneficiaries will be the charitable causes of each social enterprise supported solely those organisations which are fully transparent, accountable and with creditable leadership.

Geographically unlimited but with strong connections in South Africa and Bulgaria. 

We support a return to root values and customs in nature, education, plant medicines, organic food growing, green energy and eco-construction.

• To cultivate mental healthcare centres of excellence in Cambridge the U.K. and the Western Cape in South Africa, with a bias towards overcoming youth trauma and learning deficiencies. combating isolation and loneliness.

• To support fund Social Enterprise and dedicated individuals, with sustainable objectives, in service to humanity, the planet, and animal welfare, through a programme initiative of Kindness Missions.

How TMK operates: